OK, so here's the deal. Here is a rough mockup of the CD cover:

You would be the girl on the right. The whole concept of Both Sides of Midnight is that we are a band that exists equally

on the both the light and dark sides of life. "Even in the light there is danger, even in the darkness there is beauty...

Dame Fortune: Both Sides of Midnight." The girl in the photo above would be perfect for the job, but thus far we

have been unable to secure the rights her image. We need a dark haired model to contrast to the blonde on the left.

If you have a Bettie Page style haircut that would be great too, because there is a song on the CD called "I Want a Girl like Bettie Page,"

but it is not mandatory. If you already have a photo of yourelf that could be photoshoped into the above background you can e-mail it

to us at e-mail@damefortune.net. You need not be holding an umbrella. Your choice. Below is the graveyard background at full resolution for your reference:

If you don't have such a photo and can't take one, please send what you do have and if you live in the L.A. area

we can arrange for a photoshoot if you are chosen. Dame Fortune reserves the right to choose no winner to

this contesst in the event that none of the entries meet the requirements to be suitable. Good luck to everyone, and if you have

any questions e-mail us at e-mail@damefortune.net. Thanks!