Key Dragon- A cool band to check out for those of you into the Gothic Power Doom Metal scene

The Mix® USA-Check out our friend D.J. Crusher's internet radio for the latest and greatest Rock, Metal and Punk!

The Metal Hall-one of the coolest online heavy metal zines around, run by Jackie Martin, she covers both local, national and international acts. If it's happening in the world of heavy metal, you can find out about it here!

The Little Wretches-Kickass Pittsburgh Punk Folk band featuring bass player and Dame Fortune buddy John Carson

LA CACOPHONY SOCIETY- a bunch of crazy LA artists that put on cool local events

ROCK CITY NEWS-All the latest on the music scene in LA

THE ROCK 'N ROLL REPORTER-a cool internet site for a cool music magazine based out of Pittsburgh that also features national coverage

KNAC-Pure rock radio lives on, on the Internet

HARD RADIO-the other hard rock radio station on the net

KLSX-Home of Howard Stern Tom Leykis and Sheena Metal

METAL EDGE-the last great hard rock mag

MindControl Stories Archive-for the most seriously twisted freaks only!

Bar Sinister-Our favorite goth hangout on a Saturday night in Hollywood

Gene Simmons Official Website-The hardest working demon in show business

Die My Darling Official Website-Our man Sean D and the boyz gothic industrial band from hell

Metal Sludge-the funniest site on the web for the headbangin folk

Hollywood Monsters-cool guide to the Hollywood Scene

Eddie Trunk Website-Cool East Coast Radio Man who keeps the torch burning for hard rock & metal-great interviews!

Comicon International-the mother of all comics sci-fi fantasy horror & movie cons