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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
There's No Secret Behind Dame Fortune
Everyone is so wrapped up in what the next sound is going to be. How to use certain effects, add in unlikely instruments, or something yet to be thought of that bands who sound like the greats of the past are being ignored. Well one of those bands is no longer being ignored. Dame Fortune pays tribute to so many great rock and metal bands of the past while still being new and true to their own identity that is scary.

Part of that identity is that they work together as a well oiled machine. To say that one of the four does something that highlights him would be unfair to the other three. And I find this somewhat refreshing because all too often we look at bands as a group of individuals that happen to fit together, but as you listen to The Secret Art you realize that Dame Fortune meld together into one. This is truly shown in the sharing of vocals throughout the album.

And this album is just solid straight through. In Like Flynn is probably in the running for the best opening track that introduces you to the band. The vocals and guitars instantly say KISS, making you double check the CD and case to make sure it isn't a KISS CD. But as the album goes on you begin to get the identity of the band as they do things that catch you as a nice surprise.

A good example would be V from Vendetta. A very strong track from beginning to end that has elements of Motley Crue in it. And the surprise here is the use of guitars as the back-up to the vocals of the chorus. Where most bands would opt for a post-production touch up to just alter the main vocal enough to be the back up, Dame Fortune puts their touch by letting the guitars do it. Talk about letting a guitar sing, Hendrix would be happy.

And Jimi wouldn't be the only proud one, the great blues players of the past would be proud as well. One listen to Santa Ana Blues and you really get a taste for what the blues is all about. The tempo of the track just gives you a feeling of walking down a street, a stranger in a town being starred at as if you're the devil incarnate sent to take rule. Truly the heaviest and loudest I have ever heard the blues played. And had this been a few years early in the making it could've easily been in Rob Zombie's movie House of 1000 Corpses.

And while on the subject of songs that fit into movies, if someone writes another Dazed and Confused for a newer generation then the song The Days Are Just Packed better be in it. Its upbeat sound triggers those high school memories when the only thing that mattered where good grades and having fun with you friends, when mischief was always the priority and means of gathering everyone together for a good time.

Which leads me to the closing track on the album, Hikikomori (Live As Though The Day Were Here), which is an anthem in the truest form of the word. A rally cry to everyone that life is meant to be lived and lived to its fullest no matter what others tell you. And that is truly what Dame Fortune is doing with The Secret Art, and the sooner the music industry realizes that good music truly sells the sooner Dame Fortune and bands like them will get the attention they truly deserve.



Both Sides of Midnght Reviews:

I realize Ace Frehley consumed massive amounts of drugs and alcohol in his time. Now imagine if during those drug infested days Ace had become eccentric as opposed to reclusive - Dame Fortune is what he may have come up with. The vocals here have that same laid-back, almost nonchalant, attitude that made Ace a household name in the 70s.
Dame Fortune tackles a few different areas musically, and do them all quit well. "Ghetto Assed Petal" for instance is your typical KISS inspired rock anthem, which shouldn't be surprising considering the drummer on this tune, Kevin Valentine, has recorded with them. Meanwhile "Live Like Kings" is a fast riff heavy number that reminded of something Twisted Sister would have tackled in their early days. But it is straight back to 70s styled hard rock for "Luchador", a song dedicated to those masked Mexican wrestlers.
The odd song doesn't work so well, "Lush" for instance, but the good outweighs the bad on Both Sides Of Midnight. Actually the best material sneaks up near the end of the disc, like the hard rockin' and struttin' "What You Need" and the mellow "Who Are You Lately?" Even "Midnight Radio", with its "Wild Thing" riff, kicks ass.
The band themselves claim to infuse goth with 80s rock, but luckily I don't hear much of that. What I do hear is heavily KISS influenced music, complete with killer solos and a steady rhythm section. This is a cool release that offers up a bit of the old with the new, check it out at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2006.

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on "The Loony Bin":

"this is a good song. very good lyrics. great favorite band, great music"-Hale/Myspace

"Dude! You guys kick ass! It's like Ace Frehley, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper all meshed into one band!"-Jason/Myspace

"It can't get any better than this," Terror/Myspace

"Thanks for being a fucking cool band" Self-Hate/Myspace

DAME FORTUNE Both Sides of Midnight From the USA

DAME FORTUNE is 4-person band based in LA, consisting of members Mike James <vo,g>, David Blake<g,vo>, Jeff Wire<b> and John Merritt<ds>. In 2002 they released their self made EP, "THE GREAT COSMIC SCHEME," and were chosen as the Best Alternative Band in 2002's ROCK CITY NEWS magazine. After performing as the opening band for LYNCH MOB, in 2004 they began production of their first album. "BOTH SIDES OF MIDNIGHT" was completed on 10/8, upon which it was sent to our editing staff.


Their style is reminiscent of the heavy rock/metal sound of the 80's, as in GUNS N' ROSES, BANG TANGO and DANGEROUS TOYS, with a touch of gothic melody. It also has the feel of THE CULT, somewhat de-poisoned under the blue skies of California.

<Overall Rating> 3 Stars +alpha

Taka Okuno/Burrn! Magazine October 2005

(translated from Japanese)





Do you sit around and pine for those days when so-called "hair bands" ruled the airwaves? Well, pine no more: Dame Fortune of (where else?) Los Angeles wants to take you back in their way-back machine to find that lost can of Aqua Net. BOTH SIDES OF MIDNIGHT is a total flashback. To make the entire project even that much more authentic, Dame Fortune have enlisted Kevin Valentine (drummer of Cinderella and Kiss) to produce BOTH SIDES OF MIDNIGHT and even play drums on a couple of tracks. Dame Fortune is lost in a time warp, and the band is tearing that time warp up. I'm just not sure if it's been long enough to get nostalgic, but if so, here you are.-H. Barry Zimmerman /Scratch Magazine March 2005



Both Sides of Midnight CD Review From (translated)

The fourpiece Dame Fortune hails from LA and consists of members: singer/guitarists Mike James and David Blake, Jeff Wire-bass, John Merritt-drums. This is their second album.
So what does it sound like?
It is a mixture of everything from good old fashioned hard rock a la KISS, Aerosmith to 80's style. Add an ounce of goth and stir it around.
This CD quite fast feels like an old familiar friend, the hooks stick in your brain and the riffs are big and juicy.
On a number of songs the KISS influence is pretty strong (think Dressed to kill era)
The record is produced by Kevin Valentine who is also the drummer on a few tracks.
On this versatile CD you can find everything from ballads like Who are you lately, through punky style "I want a girl like Bettie Page" (complete with chant-along chorus) to heavy riffmonster "Both sides of Midnight" (my favorite track).
Dame Fortune also claim to have a theatrical stageshow which sounds good to me.
The 2 guitarists take turns singing and as a metalgirl that is perhaps my only reservation with this CD, that there isn't a proper screamer singing.
Other than that this is a groovy hardhitting CD that should please quite a few of you."

Interview with Guitarist David Blake on The Metal Hall Website:

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Dame Fortune
The Great Cosmic Scheme
(Raido Records)
Reviewed by Jackie Martin from
I first saw Dame Fortune at Paladino's in Tarzana, California, and didn't know what to expect, since I went to see the closing act, The Iron Maidens. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the mix of old school L.A. scene glam metal and gothic dark metal influences in their music. The Great Cosmic Scheme is a seven-song, very promising, first effort from the LA quintet. I picked it up shortly after seeing their performance (at the great Hollywood music store, Amoeba Music) and that's a rarity for yours truly, a child of the Internet (don't sue me Lars). "LA Crazy" sounds like a contemporary of the Gn'R classic "Welcome To The Jungle," while "Outgunned" sounds like a ballad taken from LA Guns best years. I'm not saying this is a nostalgia trip, don't get me wrong, these guys show what their influences are, and build upon them with enthusiasm.



These days it's very hard to find a band that has its own musical style. DAME FORTUNE from L.A. is one of this rare kind. These five musicians have created a sound that is somewhere between L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Sisters of Mercy (!) and WW III (remember Mandy Lion?). Neither it's Sleaze Rock, nor it's Gothic or Heavy Rock. As I have told you before it's something in between. This CD starts with the groovy Hard Rock-song "L.A. Crazy", next song is the slow and atmospheric tune "Red Rover", here you can hear those Gothic elements for the first time. These influences are the most evident on "Another Soul" (Blasphemy & Euphoria)", a song that could have been taken from a record by the Sisters Of Mercy. On "Treason" Dame Fortune even includes some Rap-vocals. The last track "Old School" is pure Sleaze Rock in the vein of the already mentioned L.A. Guns. As you can see, variety is written with capital letters on "The Great Cosmic Scheme", an album that can be recommended to every fan of hard rocking music, who is searching something new. Looking at the pictures in the booklet of this CD it seems like the stage show of Dame Fortune has also a lot to offer in terms of visual and theatrical effects. Check this band out!

9 outta 12 possible points

Carsten Baar


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